11 young singers and pianists explored the genre of art song in the digital space. The result is 9 unique short films in which the participants have found their personal mode of expression and deal with very different experiences and topics: from fears and self-doubt, to sexuality and diversity, to globalization and uprooting.

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When a crisis surprises us, we are forced to rethink. Questions must be asked differently, problems solved in another way, needs must be satisfied elsewhere. It is precisely then that we all long for people who provide answers, who know the way out, who shape our future for us: Decision makers, experts, managers. But how much of what we are looking for is actually within ourselves?

"LIED ME!" is looking for new ways to rethink art - more precisely the aesthetic experience of song - in the digital space. And this from our own artistic potential, which must be released. Twelve young scholarship holders and alumni of the LIED AKADEMIE of the International Liedzentrum Heidelberg, i.e. singers and pianists, will be accompanied by three renowned curators over a period of several months so that the art genre of Lied can unfold in twelve short films. This is the question that concerns everyone in this project: How do we make people addicted to song? And how can digital space help us in this process? So that the genre of song, for which the young song interpreters are so passionate, can ignite even more people? Nobody knows what will be at the end of this creative path. Twelve moving image productions, yes. But what they look like, what story they tell, that remains to be seen.

Holger Noltze, Professor of Music and Media at the Technical University of Dortmund, is taking on the task of reflecting on the basic conditions of aesthetic digital experience with the artists. The focus here is strongly on the personal reflection of the connection between artist, artwork and audience: What does digital art need when we think of the audience? Where does it need to be simplified in order to create access? Where must no case be simplified in order to preserve the content?

Andrea Thilo, coach and producer, and Thomas Grube, director and producer, then take over the co-creation process with the Lied Akademie's scholarship holders and alumni. The curators' working principle is to ask the musicians the right questions. Especially after a time in which the Internet was flooded with streams and videos: Wait a minute, what would still be possible? What did you miss? Which messages would you like to send? What is your story?

Check out all films here: LIED ME!

11 Shortfilms, GER, 12 x 5-7 min.
4K, stereo / bineural audio

A BOOMTOWN MEDIA production 
on behalf of the

11 scholarship holders of the LIED AKADEMIE

together with  

 Music Recording: MARTEN BERGER, Editor: THOMAS GRUBE, Producers: UWE DIERKS, THOMAS GRUBE, Idea and Project Head: CHRISTOPHER WARMUTH (International Song Centre Heidelberg)