Artistic teamwork

In the CREATOR ROOM collaborative creative projects are created. Space, peace and inspiration for teams of authors and writer rooms. 

Quality time for creativity

The combination of co-creation principles with the craft of storytelling is also an effective method with which we work here in teams to support projects in all their development, production and evaluation stages.  

A successful story, a credible narrative, a touching dramatic structure, a captivating visual and emotional journey that reaches its audience, benefits from the development to the evaluation of different disciplines and perspectives.

Therefore, not only authors, directors, dramaturgists, musicians, artists, philosophers, directors of photography or performers come together in the CREATOR ROOM, but also scientists, activists, NGO members or other professionals, as well as target groups, creative people from other disciplines, PR and communication strategists, marketing specialists, evaluators or clients.

For teams of up to 10 people, organised by us or independently, bookable for one day or longer project phases. For further information and inquiries, please contact us:

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