About Us

For more than 20 years, Uwe Dierks and Thomas Grube collaborate to realise their vision of creative films and their successful distribution.

"Filmmaking, for us it's not only the most exciting way to entertain people, but the strongest to reach their hearts and minds." 

In 1999 Uwe Dierks and Thomas Grube founded BOOMTOWN MEDIA in Berlin together with Andrea Thilo. Until today they develop and produce award winning documentaries for cinema and tv worldwide as well as commissioned works for foundations and corporations. Strong stories, dramaturgically and visually first-rate narrated and produced, with a high and long-lasting value.


"Making a difference is an important motivation for our work."

With WARSZAWA EXPRESS we trace the attitude towards life of young Europeans contributing to the cohesion of Europe (Nomination German TV Award), the international cinema success RHYTHM IS IT! makes the importance of cultural education visible and provokes a movement in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (German Film Award and Bavarian Film Award), the theatrical documentary TRIP TO ASIA prooves how necessary music is for people (Hermann Voss Award of  German Orchestras & Echo Klassik Award), the theatrical documentary CINEMA JENIN tells the touching story of the construction of a cinema in the West Bank and makes the peace-giving power of culture come alive (German Peace Prize), the documentary THE AIDS WAR provocatively takes up a piece of contemporary history (Impact Media Award, Felix Rexhausen Prize, Media Prize of the German AIDS Foundation), TO FIGHT FOR is an inspiring feature film about young men who transform self-hatred in self-confidence and responsibility for their lives (German Cinematography Award). Together with the German Choire Association we ask WHEN ARE YOU COMING? and EXPERIMENT 150 is helping to advance the cultural transformation of a global corporation on all continents, or the commitment to ARTFUL LEARNING, an initiative of Leonard Bernstein that enables young people to learn inspired by the arts.

"We aim to connect worlds, unite emotions and intentions to stimulate constructive impulses and empathy."


Since 2006 BOOMTOWN MEDIA also distributes films in its world sales branch BOOMTOWN MEDIA INTERNATIONAL. Here collaborations and partnerships with like-minded are developed to reach wider audiences. With expertise in financing, international co-productions and sales as well as communications BTMI Films collaborates with international distributors and TV broadcasters as well as foundations and corporations to build bridges, to help the films reach their audiences.