There is no political plan for a new education system. But we need a new strategy for a new education system in the public sector, because education is our future. Children are our future.

(Berlin, Nov 2018) We are pleased to announce the collaboration with the Porticus Foundation, the Hilti Foundation and the Leonard Bernstein Center for a joint and significant project. Under the helmet of director Thomas Grube, BOOMTOWN MEDIA will realise a film in Germany and the USA, which will make Leonard Bernstein's ARTFUL LEARNING known also in Europe, carry it further into society and thus advance the debate about a change in our public education system. The premiere is scheduled for 2019.

Linear knowledge transfer no longer reflects the world we live in and can not adequately prepare new generations for the challenges of an increasingly networked life. As complexity increases, the challenges grow exponentially. Whether it's energy, nutrition, environment, health or climate change. We also see that politics does not find the quick and cutting answers.

We have to change something fundamentally.

The school laws of most countries say: the task of the school is to educate the responsible citizen. That would mean risk-conscious, decision-making, working in groups who are creative, who initiate innovation, who take responsibility for the community. But do schools in their conventional form, with a very strong concentration of knowledge transfer of a very specific knowledge canon, prepare young people to become responsible citizens? 

The current public system gives us students who can deal with facts that they have learned by heart. But are we getting exactly those who are willing to take risks and who can work in teams that are open? For a future of which we do not know what it looks like and how it can shape the next generation?

Artful Learning

ARTFUL LEARNING is a transformational learning model that empowers educators to use the arts and the artistic process to awaken and sustain the love of learning for all students. Based on over twenty years of intensive collaboration and refinement, field research and implementation with leading educators, researchers and practitioners of the model, the ARTFUL LEARNING Sequence and Model is a framework that educators can use to revitalize their curriculum and their teaching practice.

Initiated by American music icon Leonard Bernstein and realized by thousands of people around the nation, ARTFUL LEARNING is changing the landscape of teaching and learning. Bernstein's vision was to use music and the other visual and performing arts as a means of instilling a lifelong love of learning in students. ARTFUL LEARNING embeds the arts within the learning process through a carefully researched, concept-based, interdisciplinary model that has proven to increase comprehension in students as well as improve academic achievement.