This is an exciting, musical experiment and 1000 Berliners have been invited to attend: 1000 people from all social and cultural backgrounds in Germany’s capital talk, sing, whisper and shout together in the Philharmonie – performing the European premiere of David Lang's choral work the public domain!

Internet revelations 

The American composer has been scouring the Internet to find out what things “we all have in common, that we share with each other, that we all have, that we all do,” to form the text for his new 40-minute piece. The individual statements range from favourite sandwiches and love of music to free will – euphoric, humorous, thoughtful, touching and very human!

Public Domain is not only a singular artistic moment and a logistical challenge, but at the same time a joint process: we have invited choirs, groups and associations to participate and founded project choirs all over Berlin to create a new, enormous “us” that did not exist before. In the performance, we will ultimately take this idea to the extreme: under the musical direction of Simon Halsey and in the staging of Jasmina Hadziahmetovic, the artists and audiences in the foyer and in the main auditorium of the Philharmonie will merge into a single mass of people.