15 theses on integration

A broad social coalition has come together to contribute to social cohesion and cultural integration.

In the light of current debates, the members of the German Cultural Integration Initiative want to contribute to social cohesion and cultural integration with the following 15 theses. They represent a wide range of institutions and organizations, different political levels and interests. The involvement of many citizens – in initiatives, associations, cultural and educational institutions, in churches and religious communities, the social partners, the media, the parties, in cities, districts and municipalities as well as in the neighborhood – shows how social cohesion can work and how each and every one can make their contribution. The members of the Cultural Integration Initiative stand for the breadth of this commitment and the cohesion of society. They call on other actors to join these theses.

Here are the "15 theses on cultural integration and cohesion" as well as further information on the subject.

We are currently preparing a CREATOR ROOM to research most effective ways to reach wider audiences with the message. If you are interested in joining us to collaborate, please get in touch.