Lamentation: A Film Journey Through Life and Unity

After successful screenings at prestigious international film festivals like Rathausplatz Vienna Film Festival and the Cyprus International Film Festival, LAMENTATION, the film, is now available for streaming on YouTube.

This visually captivating production is centered around Craig Urquhart's composition, Lamentation for Flute and String Orchestra. Originally composed for piano as a tribute to Jutta Grafin zu Reventlow, the work was arranged for flutist Stathis Karapanos and The Berlin Academy of American Music, conducted by Garrett Keast.  

LAMENTATION is an exploration of life's journey, encompassing growth, realization, obstacles, and consequences, as experienced by the "Soul" (portrayed by Pauline Stöhr) and the "Ego" (embodied by Maria Dragus). This cinematic journey, cinematography by Simon Veroneg, serves as a wordless meditation on life, set amidst a forest of darkness and light and brought to life with choreography by Valentin Braun.  LAMENTATION was created by Artists behind the Artists and the award-winning team at Boomtown Media Berlin, producer Uwe Dierks and director Thomas Grube.