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How do you move on when the controversial has become the conventional? When your private little world becomes a global sport? When your only means of individual freedom, is hijacked by interests and judgment?

For the first time in the history of the sport, skateboarding is pushing into the mainstream. It will be an Olympic discipline for the first time at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

Skateboarders are lateral thinkers, rebellious, unmatched adolescents fighting for their cause. Despite struggles in life, they have learned the hard way how to always get back up, shaped by individual styles, breathtaking tricks, great athleticism and a unique attitude to life filled with courage and freedom.

The dynamic European skate scene and its sport frame this authentic and passionate series. 

This series shows their world, their reality and their view of society. A deep insight into the thinking and actions of a young and inspiring European generation.

“Fear is the biggest enemy. Overcoming fear means overcoming boundaries because the only real boundary is the fear of losing what you had before.”
Candy Jacobs, The Netherlands

The protagonists are young Europeans who do not represent career and status thinking but stand for self-realization and the overcoming of boundaries. Their ideals are characterized by cohesion and tolerance. Values that were not conceived through marketing campaigns or sports associations, but historically, "born on the street" and lived. 

Now they are on the verge of becoming a part of the age-old Olympics with extensive regulation and boundless bureaucracy, as well as money and power driven leadership. This raises many questions and not only because the way to Olympia is very rocky.

“As a species we must stop pandering to individual needs and start making things better for the sake of everyone“.
Danny Leon, 24, Spain

The protagonists from Italy, Holland, Spain, the UK and Germany – boys and girls, from various societal and economic backgrounds, set out to discover where the fringes of their culture lie. How do their diverse personas fit into a formerly exclusive subcultural revolution, which is now exploding to an inclusivity that challenges dated stereotypes of the past?


A series over 5 episodes,  each 30 min. running time.
Story: Chad Chittenden, Luca Steiner, Thomas Grube
Producers: Uwe Dierks, Thomas Grube

in collaboration with ARTE

Development funded by
MEDIENBOARD Berlin-Brandenburg